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SE Advance Learning Course

How SE Heal  Sexual Trauma

Sexual harassment and sexual assault are of course a kind of sexual trauma. When young men or women are judged or humiliated just because of their body size or behavior which doesn’t fit with so called “public standard”, that’s also a gender-related trauma. 

For people who have experienced this type of trauma, it’s harder for them to accept or enjoy their own body. They may even disconnect from the body, making it difficult to enjoy physical pleasure in an intimate relationship.

In these two three-hour courses, Ariel will define the scope of sexual/gender-related trauma, from the professional perspective of an SE trainer. She will explain how to apply the SE principles to support people who suffer from sexual trauma.  And she will share her precious experience of working with different types of sexual trauma. 
After the general questions, there will be time for participants to present a case from their practice and Arial can respond with her expertise.


  • Definition of sexual/gender-related trauma

  • SE principles to support client who suffer from this type of trauma

  • The difference between different type of Sexual trauma: one-time sexual assault/harassment, multiple sexual assaults in childhood (by family member/none family member), seduction etc. 

  • Cases consultation

Ariel Giarretto

Ariel Giarretto, LMFT, SEP, CMT, CSB is an internationally known body-oriented psychotherapist, trauma specialist, and Somatic Sex Educator. Her passion is to support people of all cultures and ages in how to find ease and pleasure in their bodies, increase intimacy, and find freedom from the grip of trauma. She is the co-developer of “The Full Embodiment Model” which offers gentle, transformative workshops for people wanting to heal from the effects of sexuality/gender trauma, sexual abuse and disembodiment. Trained in a wide variety of somatic therapies, she is primarily informed by Peter Levine’s Somatic Experiencing (SE). For 17 years she has been full-time SE teaching faculty, training and mentoring practitioners all over the globe. Throughout the 90’s she was on staff at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, as a workshop and group leader, a private therapist and part of the bodywork and massage crew. She has extensive training in treating sexual trauma, prenatal and birth therapy with Ray Castellino, as well as attachment and early developmental trauma. Since the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, she has been training practitioners in addressing the effects of war and rape trauma. Ariel is particularly fond of her doodle Freya, her Green Cheek Conures, Tulip and Oscar, and of course her partner Jeffrey. Originally from the US, she is currently based in Denmark.

Ariel Giarretto.jpeg

First Course     2023/02/17 7:00~10:00 pm (including break time)
Second Course   2023/03/10 7:00~10:00 pm (including break time)

Pay via PayPal 
Only First course: NT4340 (PayPal fee included)
Two courses: NT8255 (PayPal fee included)


  1. There will be translation in these courses.

  2. The courses will be recorded, and review are available for one month after the course.

  3. Participants who have general questions or cases for Ariel, in order to save time, please fill in your case information or questions in the registration form. For general questions, we will collect them and send them to Ariel in advance. As for the cases consultation, the information you provide will be translated and give to Ariel during the consultation time according to the order of registration and payment. Those who raise cases, please be sure to participate in the online class, in case the teacher needs to ask further questions.

  4. This course is for SE training graduates, SEP, and SE training students to sign up and participate.

  5. Every three-hour course equal to 1 hour of faculty case consultation hour(please indicate on the registration form if you need it) 



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